Architecture as Catalyst 2015 – Lecture Series

University of Minnesota

College of Design, School of Architecture

OG [Adaptation] – Monday March 9, 2015
Rapson Hall 100

The Tarp – Workshop

Prix de Rome – Update

Placed within the global context of a collective environmental awareness we believe that the discourse of our regionalist-inspired architecture should evolve beyond the role as barriers against the elements, towards a more integrated model wherein the elements form part of the architecture itself.

Specifically the aim of our research is to explore progressive strategies for diverting, mitigating and integrating water – in all its forms – through and within the built environment. For this we will explore the evolution of architectural responses to building in areas with high-levels of precipitation, for the purpose of expanding this dialog for maritime and Canadian regions with extreme climate. The strategies we will explore will draw from both traditional methods of construction as well as digital design and manufacturing techniques. Through this blend of traditional and contemporary means our intent is to evolve our methodology towards a climatically-integrated, regionally-inspired architecture.

Hot off the heels of a stop at the Universidad Los Andes in Bogota, Colombia, we are finalizing plans for our one week workshop at the University of Minnesota which will be presented in conjunction with our dear friend and collaborator, Eric Stotts.

With sincere thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts for their generous support through the Professional Prix de Rome Prize.