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Omar Gandhi Architect was founded in 2010 in Halifax, Nova Scotia and specializes in custom, modern design. The work of its two small studios – OG Halifax and Toronto – has garnered much National and International attention in the practice’s short history.

In its early years, the studio was awarded the Canada Council Prix de Rome, was included in Wallpaper* Magazine’s Architects Directory, and Omar himself was named as one of Monocle Magazine’s ‘Most Influential Canadians’. Omar was chosen as one of the Architectural League of New York’s ‘Emerging Voices’ of 2016, and the studio was honored as the only Canadian practice in Architectural Record Magazine’s 2018 Design Vanguard. Most recently, Omar Gandhi Architect was the recipient of a 2018 Governor General’s Medal in Architecture.

Omar has been appointed as the Louis I. Kahn visiting Assistant Professor in Architectural Design at the Yale School of Architecture for the fall semester of the 2018-19 academic year.

The studio believes that all buildings deserve to be thoughtful, healthy, and elegant environments for its occupants. Above all else, the studio serves to provide nice things for good people.

Collaboration is a key element of the work we carry out. Whether our building project is a home design for a new build, a renovation of an existing residence, or an outbuilding, from a barn to a studio, collaboration and consultation between the owner and architect exists throughout.

We believe that walking the site together is a natural place to start. Not only do the people involved get a chance to know each other away from the confines of an office, but we, more importantly, see the rise and fall of the land. The land is the essential element and has a story of its own. Long before we discuss interior design, we discuss the landscape and how architecture could enhance it. If the land needs to be cleared, we discuss how we can save or restore its natural beauty. If there is an interesting natural element, like an outcrop, we confer about incorporating it into our plans. We learn where the sun rises and sets in relation to our vision.  In walking and talking, client and architect become the first two links in a strong chain.

From walking the site, to the first sketches, through to the walls standing, to the interior design with the last picture hung, we are committed.  We work together with our clients through all the stages providing expertise at every step. Good architecture needs to be managed from beginning to end.  Part of that process is securing planning permission and the necessary building permits. We don’t cut corners.

The preliminary drawings bring visions to ideas and from there to decisions. Matching visions and expectations begins with the architectural renderings, drawings and physical models, where seeing is the beginning.

The selection of the contractor is indeed the client’s privilege but we help where we can as an advisor. The designer’s role is to administer the construction so that nothing about the design and planning is lost in translation.

Establishing a realistic schedule sets milestones and deadlines giving all parties a clear indication of their roles, responsibilities and the time frames they have to accomplish the tasks at hand.

And last, but certainly not least, is the all-important budget. Establishing and maintaining a well-managed budget makes for satisfied clients and designers. Again, constant communication and honesty are the key to beautiful results.

Whether an entire structure, a renovation or an addition, large and small, consider the benefits we will bring your project.

Please call us to discuss your plans and how we might be involved in helping you.


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